Buffing Services

Buffing - wood floor buffing helps in removing raised grains and hairs and leaves your flooring with smooth finish. The process involves light sanding of the old finish and then applying a new layer of finish. Buffing will not remove the stain or colour from a hardwood floor ...

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Floor Sanding Services

Floor sanding - the process of levelling or removing the top layer of the floors, by using wood floor abrasives, which is carried out using modern efficient dust collecting machines capable of producing a fine finish which is essential, if the floor is to be stained. Floor Sanding is only the first stage of the wood floor restoration process ...

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Floor Sanding Services in North London, Enfield, Barnet

The floors in our houses are an important part of the premises. Floors provide comfort, warmth, stability, and even a certain amount of protection from outside elements. In addition to providing stability and comfort to a building, floors can also provide a better aesthetic design—whether a floor is patterned, tiled, or even painted.

Wooden flooring is a type of flooring made from wood, and although today it is relatively common in most Western homes and buildings, this was not always the case.

Up until the middle seventeenth century, most houses in European countries did not have any sort of real floor on the ground level of their homes, shops, businesses or other buildings. The ground floor was typically just cleared and beaten earth that would be swept and kept as tidy as possible. Most homes had mats at the front of the doorway, to avoid the floor getting muddy. If a building had a second floor—a luxury for any homeowner—that floor was made from planked, usually plain wood. Sometimes these planks were two feet wide or more! Wooden floors were simply too expensive for most people to use on the ground floor of their homes. Wealthy and royal people more often used marble and other luxurious material for their flooring, because wooden floors were often rough and synonymous with the working poor's two story shacks.

However, in the middle seventeenth century, hardwood flooring began to be seen as something more desirable in homes by the elite. Wooden ground floors, which were considerably rare before 1625, were now much more common place in wealthy homes and were considered fashionable, sturdy, and attractive. One of the reasons for the newfound popularity of wooden floors among the wealthy was that wooden floors could be customised to a greater degree than marble or other rough material. For example, intricate designs could be carved into the hardwood floor.

Different coloured woods could be laid out next to each other, creating an attractive contrast. The entire floor could be also stained and polished to create a very elegant and expensive look. Some floors from this period still exist due to their extreme high quality and sturdiness. However, the "middle class" version of the newly popular hardwood floor, which were put together more cheaply and were often simply painted with designs if they were decorated at all, have not held up as well over the years and very few are to be found intact today.

Nowadays wooden floors bring a natural warmth and character to living spaces like no other type of flooring. They are environmentally friendly and extremely hard wearing. With the advantages in modern housing technology, wood floor stains and polishes wooden floors are easier than ever to maintain and keep looking brand new.

Improvements in installation and restoration techniques, and quality ensure that the hardwood floors installed in nowadays should last for years—hopefully even centuries, like their predecessors—to come.

For us your wooden floor is not just a floor, it will be a beautiful piece of art that will compliment and add warmth and value to your property for many years.

Our company specialise in floor sanding, staining, refinishing and renovating of all kinds of wooden floors across North London and surraunded area.

By using the most modern equipment, in the hands of specially trained staff, dedicated to the Ultimate dust free floor sanding process, we work quickly and efficiently causing minimal disruption to your home.

If you need a floor sanding in North London, Enfield, Barnet or surrounded area do not hesitate to call us on 07511602424!

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