Buffing Services

Buffing - wood floor buffing helps in removing raised grains and hairs and leaves your flooring with smooth finish. The process involves light sanding of the old finish and then applying a new layer of finish. Buffing will not remove the stain or colour from a hardwood floor ...

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Floor Sanding Services

Floor sanding - the process of levelling or removing the top layer of the floors, by using wood floor abrasives, which is carried out using modern efficient dust collecting machines capable of producing a fine finish which is essential, if the floor is to be stained. Floor Sanding is only the first stage of the wood floor restoration process ...

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About us

Master Wood Floor is a family business providing the best quality service for all your wooden flooring needs, whether domestic in your home or commercial for your business. Founded in 2001, we have grown as a small local business by providing the best for our customers, expanding to cover all of London’s boroughs to bring excellent wooden floors to as many homes and businesses as possible to the highest standards of work and quality.

Wooden floors are an exceptional addition to every home and business, for a wooden floor has many benefits which a carpet or other flooring material does not provide. Wooden floors, for example, are natural, meaning they are pleasing to the eye, remove all distressing allergens and are easy to maintain and clean. Being natural, wooden floors adapt to the seasons. This means that a wooden floor is cool in the summer and brings additional, welcomed warmth to the winter, also helping to reduce heating costs. Wooden floors are a great way to feel cosy in your home or business, delighting all who visit with the pleasing look and feel of nature underfoot.

Our professional team provide free quotes, design and maintenance advice to all our customers and potential customers, giving a personalised quality service throughout. In fact, at Master Wood Floor you will have the same team member providing our high standards during your entire service project with us. You will be able to contact the team member and discuss your needs, knowing that they will be working to your best interests at all times, removing the stress of dealing with contractors and those without knowledge of your project. In this way, we provide guaranteed peace of mind. Our team members provide all of our services to meet our high expectations, from offering quotes to helping you understand the many design options, finishing choices and advice on how to maintain the wooden floor for its long-lasting qualities.

Our team members ensure the minimal disruption possible. We keep our workspaces clean and tidy at all times which will help to enable you to function as normal as you possibly can during our service provision. The team members clean the floor and surrounding areas daily and on the completion of the project, ensuring your complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Master Wood Floor provides all expected services to the highest standards and quality: floor sanding to ensure an even surface; gap filling to give a natural, smooth floor; staining for a natural look; varnishing to seal the floor and give a warm glow; buffing to ensure the smoothest finish, as well as restoration for those wooden floors hidden for years under carpets or neglected with time. All of our essential wooden floor services are carried out to the highest quality for your greatest satisfaction.

Wooden floors have many benefits and advantages for your home, office and commercial space. Wooden floors are long-lasting, naturally warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as well as easy to clean and maintain. Our quality work will ensure you receive the best service throughout the project and the best wooden floor possible. All aspects of our work with you are personalised to meet your needs and everything is cared for by our professional team.

For further information or to book a free onsite quote, call us now on 075 1160 2424 or send us an email: info@sandingwoodenfloor.co.uk.

Why wait any longer for that welcoming, natural look you have always wanted? Contact us for a free onsite quote from professionals providing the highest quality work in wooden flooring to ensure the right flooring for you. Our professional team will be with you all the way, giving you guaranteed satisfaction with our finished work – your wooden floor.

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