Buffing Services

Buffing - wood floor buffing helps in removing raised grains and hairs and leaves your flooring with smooth finish. The process involves light sanding of the old finish and then applying a new layer of finish. Buffing will not remove the stain or colour from a hardwood floor ...

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Floor Sanding Services

Floor sanding - the process of levelling or removing the top layer of the floors, by using wood floor abrasives, which is carried out using modern efficient dust collecting machines capable of producing a fine finish which is essential, if the floor is to be stained. Floor Sanding is only the first stage of the wood floor restoration process ...

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Gap Filling Services

Master Wood Floor provides the best quality service in gap filling to meet your needs and customer satisfaction. Our professional team members work to the highest standards to ensure you receive the best possible service throughout. Gap filling is one area where we excel in our service provision for the domestic wooden floor and the commercial wooden floor.

Gap filling is an important step in the wooden floor process. The importance of gap filling is to add to the smooth finish of the floor and to ensure a long-lasting wooden floor, essential for your peace of mind. Gap filling is essential as the wood is a natural material and, over time, shrinkage happens as the wood continues to dry. The wood is sensitive to the environment it lives in. The UK’s humid climate means moisture impacts on the wood, expanding in some places and buckling in others. This causes gaps to form in between the planks of the floorboards and between parquet blocks. Dust and other objects fall into these gaps, increasing the pressure on the wood, as well as containing contaminants, allergens and other unwanted guests. Therefore, gap filling is essential.

Master Wood Floor removes the dirt, dust and other elements from between the floorboards or parquet blocks. This initial cleaning process removes these particles from the gaps to enable a deep clean. This deep clean allows our professional team members to apply a quality finish to the process. The gap filling process uses wood filler, wax or wooden strips to complete the process. Having a clean surface ensures the quality in our work. The products we use are recommended by the industry and are applied in a safe environment by our team members. This process gives you complete peace of mind and satisfaction with your wooden floor.

There are several benefits to gap filling. The most important of these is the smooth finish provided during the whole wooden floor process by our professional team members. The gaps are filled correctly and accurately, guaranteeing a surface with no spaces to trap dirt, dust and other unwanted guests. The result is pleasing to the touch and to the eye. Gap filling also ensures the floor is long-lasting and adequate for your home, office or commercial needs, being easy to clean and maintain.

Master Wood Floor provides the highest quality, professional service throughout the gap filling process. Our team members always work in a clean and tidy environment, essential in all our wooden floor processes, giving you guaranteed customer satisfaction and peace of mind throughout. Our project team member is on hand to answer all your questions and help you make the right decisions for your wooden flooring needs. The results will speak for themselves as our professionally filled gaps in the wooden floor ensure a high standard of working and a quality finish.

For further information or to book a free onsite quote, call us now on 075 1160 2424 or send us an email: info@sandingwoodenfloor.co.uk.

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