Buffing Services

Buffing - wood floor buffing helps in removing raised grains and hairs and leaves your flooring with smooth finish. The process involves light sanding of the old finish and then applying a new layer of finish. Buffing will not remove the stain or colour from a hardwood floor ...

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Floor Sanding Services

Floor sanding - the process of levelling or removing the top layer of the floors, by using wood floor abrasives, which is carried out using modern efficient dust collecting machines capable of producing a fine finish which is essential, if the floor is to be stained. Floor Sanding is only the first stage of the wood floor restoration process ...

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How To Care For Your Wooden Floors

Many people ask how to care for the wooden floor. The natural finish and warmth brought to your home or office is easy to care for. In fact, the easy care of the wooden floor is one of the draws and benefits of having them throughout your living and working space. The care and attention needed is simple and takes no time compared to a carpet or laminate flooring. The essential steps are outlined here, but remember, our after care team are happy to advise you every step of the way, including the cleaning and caring of you floor.

To Clean

Using a vacuum cleaner or sweeping the floor regularly will ensure it always looks warm and inviting. A soft-bristled brush is recommended as the softness will prevent scratches. It is also best to use the brush application on your vacuum cleaner and to use a low setting. The natural ability of wood is to allow the dust and dirt to lie on top, with no heavy-handed approaches necessary. Te more gentle the cleaning process, the happier the wooden floor will be.

To Prevent Damage

Strong sunlight can cause the wood to age, adding streaks of faded light. To prevent this happening, it is recommended to move furniture regularly and to use protective coverings on well-lit windows and doors. Keeping pets' nails short will prevent scratches on the floor, as will wearing soft-souled shoes and slippers around. Sharp surfaces will easily scratch the varnish. Wiping up all spillages immediately will keep the wooden floor in the best condition. For hard stains, such as wax or chewing gum, ice is recommended, scraping gently with a plastic scraper or similar implement, followed by a gentle wipe with a damp cloth. Wooden floors are hard wearing to a degree, but taking precautions will give it a longer lasting life.

For Extra Protection

Using protective pads on the feet of furniture helps to give extra protection to the floor, as does the placing of good quality rugs and mats. These give that extra little protection to the floor, ensuring it lasts and lasts. To reduce the wear and tear of heavily used areas, rugs and mats can be strategically placed, so making sure the less used areas always look their best and the covered areas are protected. Regular moving of furniture and traffic flow ensures the even finish remains.


Using wet cloths and mops will damage the floor's natural woods and varnish, so always ensure the cloth is damp, not soaking. Spiked shoes are also best avoided, as the tips can easily scratch the surface, many of which may lead to permanent damage. When using cleaning products, always check they are suitable for the floor, as many products can cause damage. Our professionals will advise you on which products are best and when and how to use them.


Caring for your wooden floor is simple and easy, one of the many benefits of having a wooden floor instead of carpets and laminates. Following these useful tips on cleaning and giving extra protection, as well as what to avoid doing will guarantee the life of your floor. Don't forget, that our professional team is always here to advise you on cleaning and protecting your wooden floor. The care we take in sanding and varnishing the floor is used time and again in our after care service. The wooden floor, when looked after, will bring you untold happiness and satisfaction for years to come. These cleaning tips will ensure your wooden floor continues to make you comfortable and relaxed for a long time.

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