Buffing Services

Buffing - wood floor buffing helps in removing raised grains and hairs and leaves your flooring with smooth finish. The process involves light sanding of the old finish and then applying a new layer of finish. Buffing will not remove the stain or colour from a hardwood floor ...

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Floor Sanding Services

Floor sanding - the process of levelling or removing the top layer of the floors, by using wood floor abrasives, which is carried out using modern efficient dust collecting machines capable of producing a fine finish which is essential, if the floor is to be stained. Floor Sanding is only the first stage of the wood floor restoration process ...

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Wood Flooring Or Carpet

The cool feel of a natural floor on a summer’s day. The cosy warmth on your feet on a cold winter’s day. Wood flooring gives you this - plus more!


Wood flooring is more cost effective than carpets. Long lasting and enduring, the wooden floor lasts longer and is cheaper than a carpet.


Wood floors are easy to clean - just wash with soap and water and the dirt has gone. No scrubbing for hours on bended knee. No need for professional cleaners or expensive machinery. Wood floors not only look good, but they clean up perfectly every time.


The wooden floor requires little work for maintenance and upkeep. Compared to a carpet which requires too much care and easily becomes worn, wooden floors last a lifetime.


Carpets are renowned for causing allergies, being the home to dust mites who live on the dust and dirt which gathers on a carpet and in the individual fibres. Wooden floors have no such hiding places for allergens, making them allergy free.


Wood is a sustainable product, making a wooden floor environmentally friendly compared to the man made fibres produced for carpets. All wooden floors help the planet and reduce the carbon footprint as they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, reducing heating and air conditioning needs.


A wooden floor always looks rich and luxurious, changing hues as the sun moves around the room, picking out the slightest light on a cloudy day, ever-changing. Only a wooden floor does this. No carpet changes throughout the day, lighting your room and lifting your mood.

Wood flooring is natural, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are sustainable, easy to clean, environmentally friendly and allergy free. Why not remove the carpets and reveal your wooden floor?

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